Finding Storage Units: How to Find the Right Unit for Your Needs

How to Find Storage Units for All Your Stuff

Finding storage units Lawrence KS is a difficult task, and if you’re unprepared it can be a frustrating experience. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect unit for your needs:

Figure out how much space you need. If your items will fit in one unit, it’s probably best to just get one large enough for everything! If not, decide what size of unit would work best depending on what types of items you’ll store there.

Find out who provides the insurance or security features that interest you most—these are usually available with higher-priced units but may also come with lower rates! But, be sure you are aware of the full costs before signing any contracts.

Storage Units Lawrence KS

Make sure the location is convenient for when you’ll need access to your belongings (e.g., if you work and are only home during the weekends, weekday locations may not be feasible). Make sure the unit won’t be too far away from where you live. If it requires driving a long distance to access, this could make renting more of an inconvenience than if your storage is in walking or biking distance.

Figure out what features might make your experience more pleasant. Does it need to have climate control? Is there a temperature-controlled setting for storing items that would spoil without regulating heat/cold? Do you want an elevator or ramp access unit so heavy objects can be handled with ease on both going in and coming back out of the space? If there are features that interest you most such as insurance or security options—these cost extra but come with lower rates; find out who provides them at different prices (e.g., monthly) depending on budgeting needs and available funds.