When Do I Need an Attorney?

Situations When You Need an Attorney

An attorney is someone who provides legal advice, representation and sometimes litigation in the law. As a business owner you may need to consult with an attorney on various occasions including: employment law, contracts, intellectual property disputes and more. You have probably at least once thought “where to find attorneys near me“. It’s important that you know when it’s time to hire an attorney so your company doesn’t incur unnecessary costs down the line.

If your company is facing legal action from another party and needs representation by an attorney. If there are multiple employees accusing the management team of discrimination (i.e., sexual harassment). Anytime companies need any type of protection through settlements such as wage-and-hour laws, civil rights violations like Title VII, etc… You should consider hiring attorneys when you’re expecting to go into litigation against someone else or have been served with a subpoena as an expert witness for the prosecution’s case against the accused criminal defendant in court.

Attorneys Near Me

And finally, if managing teams and employees are having a dispute in the workplace, then you should first consider if it’s an issue that can be resolved by internal counsel. If not and disagreements persist between management teams or employees with different opinions on company policies, then seeking external council is appropriate.

There are some instances where an attorney is not needed.

If this is a civil dispute between parties with no criminal charges involved, then you may be able to resolve the matter without legal counsel by consulting your company’s existing policies which can usually be found in either the handbook or employee manual and bringing it up with your supervisor.

You also don’t need attorneys for issues that involve labor law like wage-and-hour violations and discrimination claims; these types of cases typically require arbitration instead of litigation.