Burning Your Chest Muscle: The Best Exercises

The Best Chest Exercises for Men

The chest muscle is one of the largest muscles in the human body, and it is important for many reasons. It helps to stabilize your shoulder joint, provides a surface area for fat storage (the pectoralis major), and gives shape to your upper body. The good news is that there are lots of great exercises you can do to burn chest muscle!

This is a great exercise to start with. All you need are two dumbbells of weights that cause the same level of difficulty for each arm, and lie back on an incline bench or flat bench in front of your body. Begin by pushing both hands out in front of you as if trying to touch them together at chest height (a little higher than shoulder width).


Straighten your arms until they reach locked position then push the dumbbells up over head so that they meet above your shoulders. Return to starting position while squeezing your pectorals between sets. This will work all three parts of the muscle.

You can also use pushups to work the chest. Pushups will also help burn chest muscle and are a great exercise for beginners. Keep your back straight, place hands on ground shoulder-width apart (or wider if you have trouble keeping good form). Lower yourself until your elbows bend at right angle then push up again extending arms.

Try adding these exercises to your routine and watch as those muscles start burning!

You can also use fat burners such as Gynectrol to to help burn chest muscle. It’s completely safe to use as it’s all natural and FDA approved. Results are guaranteed if you decide to try it!