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  • We are a nonprofit organization that has just began to take off and are in the process of choosing a hosted exchange company. We have seen all of the ads that pop up throughout the internet but was drawn to Webhosting. I went to their web site and clicked on their live chat and was immediately impressed by their team of support. The fact that we get everything that a corporation has without the hassle of staffing an IT department, software licensing and upgrades for one low cost is amazing. We are even debating adding the Hosted SharePoint. I would recommend Webhosting.net to everyone

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Exchange 2010 Hosting Services from Webhosting.net
For most businesses today, email is the mission-critical communications tool that allows their people to produce the best results. This greater reliance on email has increased the number of messages sent and received, the variety of work getting done, and even the speed of business itself. Amid this change, employee expectations have also evolved. Today, employees look for rich, efficient access—to email, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more—no matter where they are or what type of device they are using.

More and more small to medium businesses are turning to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 in a hosted environment to meet these challenges. Webhosting.net provides a comprehensive hosted Exchange solution that combines the comprehensive features of Exchange 2010 with superior customer support at a cost that is a fraction of trying to manage servers, licenses and maintenance of the Exchange infrastructure in-house.

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