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  • Tom:

    Before we switched to’s hosted exchange service, we were having problems with our previous provider. There problems included service outages were up to 4 days long or more. With we have never had this problem (we have been using the service for about 6 months now) and migrating to was straightforward. They provided us with a very clearly explained process along with all the steps. Their customer support department was always avaialbe and quided us through the entire process. I would recommend to others.

  • Amanda Cren:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the service you offer. I had an exchange server in house, shut it down, and went with your service. Sign-up was easy. After sign-up, I received my welcome email and the instructions in the email were very clear. The support provides lots of help. After having complete control of our in-house server, I thought that it would be very limiting to the admin, but there again your company shines with lots of options for the admin. I would recommend to anyone looking for a hosting company.

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For more than 12 years now, USA.NET has helped companies large and small outsource their messaging — and improve their reliability, uptime, safety and security with premier high touch service, certified Exchange experts and the desire to help our clients meet their needs. USA.NET is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perimeter E-Security. Perimeter is the trusted market leader of information security services that delivers enterprise-class protection and compliance for businesses of any size.

Unlike Any Other Service Provider
We take on the burdensome IT functions of in-house email hosting and eliminate the need to maintain and administer an internal email infrastructure, freeing up valuable IT resources and capital expenditures. Beyond the increased efficiency, USA.NET provides high-touch customer support — at every level, a multi-million dollar infrastructure, and a broad range of email services to meet the expanding needs of our clients.

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