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  • Dave:

    Have been a customer for 2 years. Now being told they do not support Terminal Server enviornment. We have been TS for MANY years and haven’t had much problem till lately. Now, even with our increase in internet bandwidth, we are getting constant messages of lost connectivity to MX server. Then connection re-established.
    I put a ticket in and received no response either via email or phone. After a week, I checked status online and see more information was requested by Rackspace tech support. I could have sent traceroute and ping immediately if I had been notified that was needed.
    I’m searching for another MX host.

  • Aaron M Wallace:

    The service works fine but my users are increasingly frustrated by frequent login issues for people using IMAP, even when their password is correct

    The setup is unusually difficult. We can’t just tell people to just use our domain name as their mail server, but instead they have to enter a long string of letters and numbers as mail address.

  • sean:

    We are an IT firm that recommended Rackspace to a customer.
    It turns out that there was very unclear terms that changed pricing as add ons.
    A live person always answers in support, but the tickets that you place for problems take extremely long to get handled.
    We have found multiple times (as in more than 5) that a support rep will tell you something and it changes when you speak to the next rep.
    As an IT firm we got pie on our face several times with our client because of lack of conformity with different support reps.
    As an it support company I highly suggest that you don’t use Rackspace.
    I will never recommend them again!!!

  • Eric:

    I cannot give a recommendation on Rackpspace. I ran into a few issues and spent far too much time on the phone with them. The servers are slower than I am used to. Also found out their billing practices are not clear and was very disappointed with what has transpired with them. I may move on to another firm. :(

  • Angela:

    Finding a reliable and effective service is really a daunting task until you land on the best service provider. I was unaware of the hardship of searching for a secured and effective service provider. Ultimately, I found Rackspace’s Exchange email hosting service which is very appealing. I am satisfied with the services and offers provided that perfectly suit my budget. It took some time to select the precise package as per my requirements but I was assured by their staff . Once I placed the order, I started the process which was a lot more involved than I expected, but worked in the end several days later.

    I am highly satisfied with the performance of the service provider and would love to recommend them in my acquaintances circle. The customer support section was very friendly. When I contacted them for having some information, they treated me properly and handled my questions.

    Overall, professional, customer-friendly staff and timeliness are the major qualities that I felt about Rackspace’s Exchange email hosting service. However, there were some trivia things that they can improve more for making the entire process simpler and easier for clients getting set up. Nevertheless, I am not regretting my decision to choose them and they meet my requirements.

  • Amanda:

    I was disappointed with a couple of things. It took them awhile to contact me whenever I needed help with something. They did help me but they could have responded faster and made things easier. The system was kind of complicated. The service was just alright and nothing real special, just was expecting more I guess. I don’t regret going with them but everything was just ok and there are a few things that they could work on to make the process easier.

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