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  • We have been using PayPerCloud for over a year now. The services have been very reliable and whenever we have a problem support has always been very quick to respond and very efficent at getting the problem resolved. I am happy with our decision to select this Company, as well as the reliablity, performance and expertise of their employees.

  • I’ve always liked dealing with these guys. They rescued me from a bad Exchange server migration and then did all the heavy lifting involved in moving everything over to a hosted environment. I gave them access, told them “go” and the next day came in and it was done. Couple of minor hitches involving my previous failed migration but they took care of everything as quickly as they came up.

    I’ve always had a problem trusting someone else with the responsibility for my environment but got over that quickly with Paypercloud. They’d spend the time I needed to make me feel comfortable with their answers to any questions I had. Top notch technical support and really great people to deal with makes for a winning combination.

    If you’re thinking about it these are the people you’re looking for and, not to go all retro Nike on you, “Just do it.”

  • james:

    what i like about paypercloud is that service is mostly decent. sometimes they’ll take a while to get back to me; other times, they do it almost instantly. pricing is decent, quite affordable. the features are ok as well, though i really wanted blackberry to be included but alas, they charge extra. the uptime has been excellent so far-no problems there!

  • Colleen D.:

    A while back our company was having some problems with our internal email – nothing major, but enough to cause confusion and a little bit of panic, so I was tasked with researching hosting companies for value and the features we needed. I narrowed it down to AppRiver, Intermedia, Rackspace, PayPerCloud, and GoDaddy. Our tech staff ruled out some of these based on technology, and others based on their small mailbox sizes. We ultimately broke the final tie based on the over-the-top tine that Pay Per Cloud gave to our engineers during our due diligence.

    In getting started with Pay Per Cloud, there were a few small issues that cropped up as we made the switch to them, but their support team seemed easily able to pinpoint the causes of issues, which were in our DNS, the firewall of one of our offices, and settings for some user’s mobile phones. They were realy on top of it checking in with us on each ticket to make sure it was fully resolved.

    I’m not a technical person – I’m just the person in charge of running the office and AR/AR, so finding a company like PayPerCloud really made my job a lot easier. I have only had to call their customer service line once since we switched over to them, and when I did, they had the minor issue resolved in less than 20 minutes. I appreciate the high level of service, never being left on hold infinitely, and being able to talk to a real person when I have a real issue.

    Their customer service is easily the best I’ve come across for all the service and vendors I deal with.

  • Thomas:

    Pay Per Cloud offered us a reasonably simple and trouble-free start. I really like that they were the ones driving the process of getting us set up, rather than us dragging them along. During the setup process, when we called in to support, we reached them within 2 rings. I hate being on hold in phone systems, so I appreciated that. After the initial setup, there wasn’t really any need for us to ever call in for technical issues. All in all, the folks we worked with there seemed to actually care about what they were doing, and were clearly competent at what they do. The pricing is also straight forward – no nickel and diming! All in all, they seem like a respectable bunch with great customer service.

  • Tiff:

    When I got this I was wowed straight from the start! The portal is so very easy to use and I love it. One thing that really impressed me was with how all of the mailboxes that I had got migrated over for me and I was able to save money with them because they did it for free! It also helped to save time because if I had to do all of that myself it would have just been annoying but they made the whole process simple, easy and fast. I have the iPhone 4G, A Mac computer and a Dell laptop. All of them are running great now and I am very thrilled with how the service helped me in so many ways and how it was all professionally done and handled carefully. I am so very happy with my choice and I know I’ll be staying with them! I give them five stars because of how they helped me out so much and made everything so easy and simple! Thanks!

  • Steph:

    Moved my small business email setup to PayPerCloud. I thought they were going to handle the whole migration without me having to do a thing, but they only did parts and guided me through the rest. For example, they guided me through DNS changes via instruction sheets. This is not exactly how the sales person presented it. At least the support staff were fairly helpful to me over the phone, so I was able to do the things they expected

    Also, I could swear the sales person said Blackberry was going to be included in the price but there was an additional charge for that. :(

    I didn’t love the sales process but I am up now – everything working.

  • Morgan:

    Great company, I just love the response I get when I have a question. I will be staying with them until forever.

  • Tess:

    PayPerCloud is by far the best exchange host that I could imagine. There are many things to love about this service but by far the best are their customer service and their set up procedures. I have set up about 12 domains and have never had so much help and have never needed so little help. Their step by step instructions are written in clear English, they are easy to understand and they are easy to implement. If you happen to need help, their help line is reachable and a person is on the phone to help you in literally less than a minute. The PayPerCloud Exchange staff is knowledgeable and resolved my only problem very expeditiously. I am extremely impressed with this service.

  • Monique:

    Pay Per cloud was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m extremely happy with them!
    As i’m relatively new to websites and hosting, I needed a lot of help – they have an INCREDIBLY fast service team who helped me every step of the way and as they are based in the U.S I was happy to note my inquiries weren’t lost in translation!
    There is a very human characteristic behind the team and they really seemed to care. I would recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

  • Darryl Fletcher:

    Well I do like that they pick up their calls in less than one ring. I do have to hit the correct option on their phone system to get to support, but its fast after that. I really hate other firms that have a million phone options to go through and then put you on hold for a long time. So this is a breath of fresh air.

  • Zharif Agil:

    Our organization had our own Exchange server and we had managed services from a local solution provider. There tended to be on issue after another from hardware to software configuration, and don’t get me started on the failing backups and borted attempts to migrate to Exchange 2010. I had to eventually pull the plug on all that and move to a hosting supplier, in this case paypercloud, as a relatively risk-free secure email-as-a-service. I don’t know why I put up with the issues for so long as this works fairly well for us and I no longer have to manage it.

  • Sal:

    I was very happy with the support I got from Michael for my iPad setup. Very. So kudos to them for that.

    I heard a rumor they were going to open a local office in Boise and was wondering if that was true, by the way.

  • Mary Sumner:

    I work odd hours and often need support after regular business hours. PayPerCloud Exchange Hosting is truly a pleasure to work with at any time of day or night. This works for me.

  • Steven:

    We were searching for best cloud hosting and sorted out some best of them. we choose this company for its cheap rates, reliable and seamless transition. We are glad that we choose the right service.We are impressed with their quality of service and customer satisfaction.
    we already decided to use their for our future projects.
    Highly recommended…. best wishes…

  • Benjamin:

    I’m very impressed with the caliber of their technical staff.
    I found they really know their stuff!

  • MIke Minden:

    PayPerCloud Exchange Hosting helped my company transition from our old email system to their hosted exchange with unbelievable ease. Sheww! What a relief!

  • Steven:

    These guys are brilliant. It’s such a great company and I really like how the service is all US based and in general just fantastic. I have no complaints at all, thank you very much, again! Recommended to everyone !

  • Danny:

    In the information technology world, things always change. But this group is consistently GREAT. Very well run and professional!

  • Char:

    These guys have great support that is so patient and responsive. We had one issue in the initial migration of email boxes, but they fixed that super fast.

  • Clark Ferguson:

    Our institution reviewed many potential providers that could meet our specific requirements. Pay Per Cloud was selected and delivered us a migration plan tailored to our needs. I am impressed with the quality of their service, thoroughness, and execution of the plan. After two and a half months now on the service, we now all know we made the right choice.

  • Dan:

    Great company, have had no problems with it as yet. Been with them for 6 months. Highly recommended.

  • John:

    Great company. I wish their SharePoint offering was out. Five stars from me!

  • Latisha:

    Can’t complain, these guys have delivered what they promised, I have been doing business with them for a wile and I am please to say they are one of the best companies I have ever worked with. I think I will stick with them.

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This is one of the only firms who offers free migration labor.  They have a pretty compelling mix-and-match mailbox plan that allows you to select the right size mailbox for each of your users, keeping your costs down.  Incredibly, their OWA only plan is just $2.95/month.  Other differentiators seem to be their industry leading attachment size of 100MB.  Other firms won’t allow email attachments larger than 50MB through their system.  Their system is Exchange 2010, unlike a few others that is still amazingly on 2007.  They seem to provide the tools and administrative control you need for hassle-free business communications.

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