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  • We were dealing with several sales and tech staff from Dante, Don, Hank, etc! but after 4 weeks they dissappeared without any excuses and did not provided honest responses! Tried to lure us into none-existing features and alos their advertised MS exc 2013 was bogus scheme!!!

  • kronk:

    Frequently down. Unable to fix problematic mail server settings with direct instruction. Inept at maintaining both status in blocklists and dns records. Completely unable to manage load per node. Mail access speed can be as low as 1 per minute (not transfer rate.. just their server responding to a request) for extended periods.

  • I have ported (2) small businesses to their hosted Exchange service and everything has gone great in the 6-8 weeks we have been using them. There was a little frustration at 1st regrading Windows 7 credentials but once the junior tech person I was dealing with realized they had a credential coniguration tool, everything worked fine.

    No down time and the performance is outstanding. I would give them 5 *s but they may you pay more per month for 24×7 support when many other companies offer this for all hosted Exchange plans.

  • Charles Sawdey:

    Intermedia Exchange hosted email is marvelous. Accessing everything is so simple; we don’t even have to continually remind our novice users how to access their information. Customer service is there for us around the clock. If you have a problem, just give them a call, and they fix it. We are happy.

  • Mike:

    Two Stars for less than average customer support and too frequent downtime/delays. It seems that some deal with virtually no reliability issues, while others are constantly in the dark. The setup was unnecessarily difficult and then dealing with delays does not make for a satisfied customer—but don’t say that to them, you’ll have to pay. It “works”, but is that always enough?

  • Eric:

    Overall I am pleased with the service but it hasn’t been perfect. No problems sending/receiving emails and I have not experienced any major downtime. The support wasn’t the greatest when I had an issue and took a little longer than I would have liked to get it resolved but overall they have not been too bad.

  • Cris Crenshaw:

    This service is easy to once after you struggle through the set up. I had heard about past reliability issues but we have not experienced those ourselves.

  • Sally Guess:

    Their service does the job. I cannot speak to the courtesy or efficiency of thier customer service department because we have never had to deal with them. Our email works. although my Outlook periodically shows delays connecting to their server for some reason. However, we have not had down times, so I am reasonably happy.

  • Stacy:

    I have been using their services for 18 months and I haven’t had any problems with it.

    I haven’t really had the need to contact them because things are satisfactory as far as I am concerned.

    I just needed someething very basic, but depending on what you are looking for, perhaps your experience would be different.

    As of now, things are fine. If something changes, I will report it.

  • Michael:

    The service with this company is good however you will have a hard time getting any support from them unless you pay for it. Opening tickets is free but they don’t want you to call them on the phone. Seriously. This is the first company that I ever encountered that actually has an extra charge for you to call them. If my email is not working you can be damn sure I am calling. Also, I wanted to be able schedule a meeting room as an exchange resource as I did at my old company. Unfortunately they charge extra for that feature also. I originally thought it was a great deal however after looking it all over I guess I got what I paid for.

  • Brad Malone:

    I rarely give negative feedback about a site, but with all the downtime and the problems with their less than friendly customer service, this is one site I would avoid at all costs.

    It started with a few periods of downtime – several hours each, then when I contacted their customer service, what should have been a simple inquiry and possible refund turned bad fast.

    Their customer service manager that I spoke with was condescending and rude, the people in their billing department were downright nasty. I have reported this site to the BBB in hopes that I could save someone else the trouble that I’ve already gone through.

    It took over 3 months to get the issues resolved, and I think they only responded to me because I involved the Better Business Bureau.

  • Karen:

    I am pleased with what I have so far. I will keep you updated as time goes.

  • John Carson:

    I have been using these guys for one year and I am very grateful for how they have helped be keep my business going.

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Intermedia is the premier provider of business communications services, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, to small- and mid-sized businesses. For an affordable monthly fee, customers can get business email (hosted Exchange 2010), VoIP-based telephone service, smartphones (mobility through BlackBerry hosting and ActiveSync), instant messaging (Office Communications Server 2007), fax (Fax via Email) and other communications (such as SpamStopper, Policy-based Encryption, Online Backup, email security, business web hosting, SharePoint, and more) delivered as a service with 24×7 support.

Intermedia also empowers thousands of smaller MSPs, VARs and IT consultants – as well as select Fortune 500 companies – to sell communications services under their own brand. Intermedia offers two hosted Exchange reseller programs. The private label partner program is for those who wish to generate recurring revenue from existing and new customers with high margin Exchange hosting services – all under their own brand – while Intermedia maintains, monitors and upgrades all hardware and software. The affiliate program is for partners that prefer to promote Intermedia solutions and earn a commission for each sale they make. Founded in 1995, Intermedia was the first company to offer cloud-based business-class email – including the first to market with hosted Exchange 2010 – and now has over 300,000 premium hosted Exchange mailboxes under management – more than any other provider. Learn more about our products, super-premium infrastructure, 99.999 percent uptime SLA, free full service migration, HostPilot Control Panel and world-class support.

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