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  • Bonnie:

    We’ve had our website hosted with Hostway for several years so when we got fed up with SherWeb’s hosted Exchange, we switched our email to Hostway. We’ve had issue after issue with them. Most recently (yesterday), one of their IP address was blacklisted with SpamCop so anyone who attempted to send us an email received a bounceback that “this organization has no control over this RBL”. This isn’t something you want your customers to receive! Today Hostway is having an issue with the timestamp on emails received. It’s 5 hours off! The worst part about this is the support aspect. Both days it took more than 20 minutes to get thru to a tech. When you finally get thru, don’t expect any info other than “our engineers are working on the issue”. This is their standard answer. There’s never an estimated time till resolution or an explaination on what the problem is. This morning I was told by the tech that answered the phone that their “administrators are located in Vancouver and haven’t gotten in yet.” WELL GET THEM IN BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN ISSUE ON YOUR HOSTED EXCHANGE SERVERS THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. We’re currently looking for another hosting company.

  • Merl J.:

    I could be wrong here…but it seems as though this is an overseas company in maybe Asia or something. The support I received was not only slow, but unhelpful to my needs and quite honestly, didn’t make too much sense. I probably would never recommend this company to anyone unless they had a huge turnaround on their customer service and reliability.

  • Eric:

    I am using for hosting my company’s Microsoft Exchange services. It had been smooth sailing for quite a while but I think they changed ownership or something and I have noticed issues with service. I reported my concerns to them with no reply. That concerns me.

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