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  • Rachael:

    Terrible customer service at GoDaddy. I have multiple senders receiving delivery failures on e-mails they send me, all of them work at different companies, but all of the delivery failures say the e-mail was rejected by the same server, and that server does not belong to any of the senders nor to GoDaddy. They are unable to identify the problem and unwilling to investigate. If they can’t figure out what’s going on in the first five minutes, they throw up their hands, give up, and blame it on the senders.

  • Jessica:

    Typically I wouldn’t have anything in the realm of being negative to say. Heck, typically I don’t even leave reviews on sites…but I felt that I had to say something in this case as I’m a bit disappointed.

    I’m a bit upset at the time it took to receive a response for my support e-mail (this is TWICE now that it has taken much longer than it should have.) I understand that there are probably many issues from customers going on at the same time, but they really need to move things along faster as a support issue obviously means that someone is having problems. I didn’t like the fact that I needed help and was a sitting duck unable to do anything for a prolonged period due to their very slow response time.

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