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  • Good place to vent right? Mail down since 11:30am yesterday. Will be 24 hours soon. No ETA.

  • I moved from exchangemymail to sherweb few weeks ago and i took the right decision. I never saw a provider as good as for hosted exchange 2010 !

    Best ,Antonio

  • A Rajan:

    So I am back here again. Why… because of the 2nd outage in 3 months. This time their systems are down for almost 24 hours and they are still down as I write this. Talked to their support and checked their system status page over and over again and it seems like they have no idea how to bring the servers up again. There is no ETA and no temporary or alternative solutions available. This is unacceptable and I am looking into moving with payper cloud or intermedia.

  • Floyd Russell:

    Terrible service. They constantly have outages that last hours at a time and have in recent months even lost entire mailstores containing mailboxes with no backup available.

  • A Rajan:

    I have been using Exchangemymail for almost 3 years and so far, I had no problems whatsoever. Initiall setup and migration can be a bit tedious however their excellent support staff takes care of everything. So far I have experienced one unexpected outage at the end of September which only lasted for about 3-4 hours. Also they are a bit expensive compared to other hosted exchange providers.

  • John Furia:

    We switched over to ExchangeMyEmail for several reasons; however, one of the largest reasons was for the BlackBerry support. Our staff is issued a BlackBerry and required to use them to keep in touch and ExchangeMyEmail has worked great for us.

    Even when we run into a little glitch of any type, we can call tech support, and they are quick to help us resolve the issue or escalate to an engineer who can assist.

    ExchangeMyEmail has never been down one time, and that is huge plus for us. We have used GoDaddy, but they just didn’t have the up-time that we needed and for certain they didn’t have the support. Now we have access to our emails “all” of the time and that has saved us a lot of time and helped us to maintain our professionalism among our clients. I would recommend ExchangeMyEmail to anyone looking for a great email system.

  • Stephen Burnett:

    ExchangeMyEmail has several excellent features that I’ve enjoyed such as the Integrated Spam/Virus protection, relatively easy migration, and Blackberry support. The email control panel is also pretty neat! This hosting provider is very efficient yet my only concern is their customer support. From my experience, ExchangeMyEmail does not provide 24×7 Support as stated. It was very difficult to reach them. When I finally contacted the customer service representatives, they had no clue as to how to resolve my issue. Since then, I have lost confidence in the company and decided to switch providers after my issue remained unresolved for several weeks.

  • Marlin Devreux:

    You get what you pay for….and sometimes less

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Your email is supposed to increase productivity. So don’t waste time managing servers. Exchange My Mail provides an enterprise-grade infrastructure for your Hosted Exchange 2010 email, and manages it 24×7. The result: you get the productivity benefits of Microsoft Exchange 2010, without any of the hassle. Microsoft Exchange 2010 is optimized to make your team as productive as possible.

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■Support for mailboxes up to 25GB
■Resource mailboxes
■Company Disclaimers

Exchange My Mail Plans Include:

■All servers, and software…no upfront investment for you
■We manage the environment, and ensure it’s up and running 24 x 7
■24 x 7 support
■Personal service to help you set up your account and migrate your users and data to our platform
■Postini Premium Email Security (Anti-virus and Anti-spam)
■Free downloads of MS Outlook 2010 and MS Entourage for Mac
■Web-based administrative control panel to easily manage your entire account.

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