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  • Rob K.:

    If email is even slightly important to your organization, you should look elsewhere for hosted Exchange services. Several years ago, this company was pretty good in terms of providing a stable email platform. In 2013 that has changed, and both the stability/reliability and customer support are terrible. When you have a problem, expect wait times in excess of 30 minutes.
    My company has been experiencing intermittent stability problems where SMTP email messages sent through the Apptix platform are rejected because the platform is busy/overloaded. Our email clients (Outlook) routinely loose connections, and emails sent to us by customers are occasionally bounced back to the sender, or delivery to us is occasionally delayed by up to 24 hours. After opening multiple cases with their Customer Support team, I have never been contacted with either an update, resolution, or plan. Escalating a support ticket to a supervisor in my experience has been a complete waste of time. After a multitude of outages, failures, email delays, etc, the supervisor (James Bell) was only willing to provide a 10% discount on our next monthly invoice, and had no resolution for any of our issues.

  • With the recent change of servers we have been without email on and off for three days. I still cannot get my PC to recognize my mail settings. Apptix can only say “we are sorry”.

    Sorry that they don’t know what is wrong.
    Sorry that they cannot get my email working.
    Sorry that my clients are calling me on the phone to tell me their emails are bouncing.
    Sorry that some clients are texting me telling me my emails are being returned.
    Sorry they cannot duplicate the problems my clients get when they email me.
    Sorry that I have spent 3 days trying to get something that has worked for 10 years before they decided to “make it better”
    Sorry that I am looking to Microsoft365 because of their actions.
    Sorry that it is costing me money while they try to figure out what they did.

  • complady:

    I am completely dissatisfied with Apptix – I have inquired about problems I have received in sending and receiving and your responses back to me indicate the ‘problem’ will be solved, well, you lied- I actually paid a guy to come and see if I had a virus as my recipients said they were receiving my email in their ‘spam’ box (whenever they did receive them) – If I had the option, I would choose another server, but I don’t – there are 4 of us using this server and it’s through our son’s business. PLEASE do something to update your service. I have read most of the reviews and you have some pretty dissatisfed customers – do you care? Then fix it!!

  • Darma:

    Hey – let’s add to the list of complaints: Support will plain out LIE to you! They will tell you the problem is fixed while you do not receive any emails. When you point them to Microsoft’s documentation for Exchange Server 2010, they will ignore you and your problem.
    Fvck Apptix

  • Rick:

    As a non-IT mind, I was really impressed and pleased with how easily I was able to move my company. The support has been great and knowing what I know now I wouldn’t have made any other decision.

  • B. Hodge:

    I have been blown away at how bad the support and service was. I actually read the reviews on this page when I made my decision to move a client from Go Daddy’s hosted Exchange services to Apptix. Ever since we went to them we have been having problems, and the majority of them haven’t been resolved. And my favorite is when they close the ticket and the problem hasn’t been fixed!! We had an issue where one of the accounts said “updating” and kept any of our other accounts from being added. It took them days to resolve that. And that account still says “Updating’ next to it! My client finally said “I’ve given them every chance to resolve our problems and they have done nothing. it’s time to find another service.” I feel so bad because Apptix was well reviewed. Do not believe it!! They are horrible, I personally think it’s because they just went to Exchange 2010 before my client signed on, and I don’t think they have the 2010 servers working right yet. But I won’t be sticking around to find out.

  • John Gray:

    We used to be customers of Mi8 which was acquired by Apptix (also the owner of Mailstreet).
    After having been a customer of Mi8 for over 8 years, we have had nothing but trouble with Apptix/Mailstreet:

    1. We have constant interruptions of our service. We have at least issues every single month with activesync not working, the exchange server not working, or something like it. CONSTANTLY THE SERVICE IS NOT WORKING!

    2. Apptix will sell you more service than they can actually provide. We have one very heavy exchange user with multiple folders and thousands of items in his mailbox. Although Apptix gladly charges you for multiple GB of space for mailboxes, they cannot actually provide that service! THEY CHARGE FOR SERVICE THAT THEY CANNOT OR WILL NOT PROVIDE! And when we asked for a discount in pricing, since they are clearly charging us for service that they are unable or unwilling to provide, customer service gets rude, which brings me to my next point …

    3.. Customer service is just rude. They will not help you with issues and the standard answer seems to be that nothing seems to be wrong on their end and that they will get back to you … which happens hours later when they admit that there was some issue on their server.

    4. Pricing. Apptix is just plain more expensive than any other exchange provider. They have hidden fees and charges for everything and customer service will attempt to charge you for technical support, even if the issue is on their side! And forget about ever getting a discount, if you complain about interruptions to service. We would gladly pay their higher prices if it meant that our emails “just worked” without anybody having to worry about or troubleshoot it.

    Verdict: STAY AWAY!

  • Jill C.:

    My small office just signed up with AppTix Exchange Hosting for our small office email needs. We were looking for a company that could help us intergrate Microsoft Outlook and also handle the executives iPhones. This seems much better system than the previous provider. Things seem to flow more smoothly and anything that improves communication is a good thing. Overall, the satisfaction level of the staff here is good and no one has had any real complaints.

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Hosted Microsoft® Exchange from Apptix® is an advanced productivity solution featuring corporate-class email and shared calendaring, task, and contact capabilities. It enhances employee communication and collaboration for businesses and organizations of any size. For an affordable monthly cost, Apptix provides customers an easily deployed, managed, and scalable messaging solution.

Key Benefits
■Easily manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks with the familiar Microsoft Outlook® client for PC or Mac® as well as Outlook Web App (OWA) access
■Access your email anywhere, anytime – supported mobile devices include BlackBerry®, Android®, Windows® Mobile, and iPhone® or iPad®
■Enhance team collaboration through shared calendars and scheduling
■Trust your email’s safety with email security and virus protection
■Integrate your email with other Microsoft services such as SharePoint, Web Conferencing, and Secure Instant Messaging

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