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  • Reliable service with helpful technical support. We have been using exchange for over 4 years and recently added Virtual Desktop.


  • Rami S:

    They lost our data and then brought back some from 1 year old data backup!
    They lied about reduandancy!
    They have no technical support yet online marketers!
    Microsoft shame on you giving them a gold star.

  • I’ve been a customer of Apps4Rent for a few years, and until now had nothing much to complain about. Their website claims to have “multiple reliable data centers.. with 99.99% uptime.” Except, Hurricane Sandy just revealed that that was all a lie. They have been offline for nearly 80 hours now, their “live support” (contracted call center in India) has no idea on ETA on fixing. The hurricane isn’t their fault. Claiming to have multiple reliable data centers, when really they don’t, has permanently damaged my business. I have lost business in the several thousands of dollars due to my not being available to confirm via email new work that was then re-assigned to another contractor. No customer support. No communication. Deceitful advertising that puts my critical business communications at risk? Shame on Apps4Rent, I hope they go out of business. Maybe a class-action lawsuit would hurry up that process a bit.

  • Blake:

    Apps4Rent advertises “clustered servers infrastructure in multiple reliable data centers.” What they don’t tell you is that the data centers are clustered in the same geographic area. Thus, they are subject to the same disabling event — such as a hurricane. Due to hurricane Sandy, Apps4Rent exchange hosting appears to be totally down and our company has been without service for over two days. This type of event is exactly what a disaster recovery plan is designed for. Apps4Rent does not provide any substantive information regarding this event. Apps4Rent’s lack of disaster recovery has been exposed. I expect substantial migration away from this company.

  • eric:

    I am leaving them because they are NOT REDUNDANT! What fool runs an internet company that is not redundant? That’s right we have not had mail service for our company for 3 days now because I must assume their COLO is under water in NY or NJ.

  • I am an Apps4Rent Exchange hosting customer. I strongly recommend against using this service. I will be taking my service elsewhere as soon as their servers come back up and I can backup my data. Exchange has been down for 2 business days now. I know that you can’t control the weather (storm took out their power), but there are well accepted Disaster Recovery strategies in the industry that would prevent this length of downtime (like failover servers that are geographically separated). I notice that their sales web server seems to be using these DR strategies as it is still running without interruption from the storm.

  • Alexandre S.:

    My company has been used apps4rent for 6 months now.

    -installation difficult because the settings listed in the documents were wrong.

    -not able to set up the out of office rules from outlook (must connect web)

    -sometimes connection to the server is slow and outlook hangs for up to a minute (at least 4 time a day during the last 4 weeks)

    but overall it is very good and the price is great.

  • They have a very reliable Exchange and sharepoint service. I have used them for over 3 years now. Great support at unbeatable prices.

  • Jessica:

    So many problems I encountered with Apps4Rents Hosted Exchange.

    First of all, the control panel system is dated and doesn’t work on firefox. When I brought it up to technical support, it didn’t really do anything-COMPLETELY useless.
    And, on top of that, the billing system is flawed.

    I’m definitely not very happy with Apps4Rent. If I could give this less than one star, I definitely would.

  • Tess Messer:

    We have been using apps4rent for 3 months. We had serious down time issues with Sherweb and we have been very satisfied with the service that we have received so far with Apps4rent. We were skeptical about what we would get given that their prices are affordable, but so far (knock wood), there have been no major issues and the one small issue that we had was resolved quickly by their support staff.

  • Eric:

    I’ve been using Apps4Rent for a few months now. Overall they have been pretty good, but not great. Overall the service has been fine, speedy and other than one occasion the up time has been good. There was a serious downtime issue and they seemed to drop the ball on the support side. I’m going to give it a few more months and hope the one problem was just an unusual occurrence.

  • Bill Jones:

    My company has been using Apps4rent for about 6 months now as our Microsoft Exchange software hosting solution, after leaving our previous provider after realizing their system was not sufficient for our needs, especiially for what they were charging us. Our experience so far with Apps4Rent has been very good. We have not experienced any noticeable downtime so far, which is a massive requirement for any serious business. Any time we have any sort of question about something we did not have the technical knowledge to understand, they have been there for us. It seems to work pretty well for the price. Taking this into consideration I believe our company will continue to use them.

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