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  • Tim McClean:

    Since starting my business about a year ago, 123Together has been the most constant and reliable. I really like their service and support – it is like having a large company’s IT department at your disposal – except it is sketchy if you need them after normal business hours. Every once in a while I mess something and they bail me out right away and help me fix the issue. If you just want your personal email hosted, it might not be worth it, but for a small company, it’s a great convenience and worth the money.

    Adding new boxes is pretty easy. Within minutes you can be on your way to having your next one set up. Uptimes is ok – I’ve had some downtime but at least they were fairly short.

    I can recommend 123 to anyone looking for an exchange hosting solution for a good price.

  • Michael:

    123Together is an above average Exchange host. They are not the greatest but surely not the worse. The uptime for them is really great and have not experienced any downtime from them at alother than announced maintenance periods. Customer support is great but you might wait in queue to reach them for a while. I’m not in love at all with their portal, however, and spam protection is questionable. If they could improve in these area they could become a leading hosting provider.

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