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  • Jim Nolan:

    When it works it works, but expect a multi-hour outage every couple weeks. And if you need to call support, you may as well just punch yourself in the face – it won’t take nearly as long as is a lot less painful. I’ve suffered through my last outage with 1and1 and as soon as I post this I will begin the process of switching to a new provider.

  • This is the worst service I’ve had, period.

    Even now when I’m trying to migrate away from them they make it truely difficult and I think they are actually being malicious now. I asked for my IPSTAGs to be changed to my new host, then a few days later I see that they’ve simply detagged them and returned them to nominet!

    Thanks a bunch 1and1. I’ve now got to pay £10 per domain to have them retaggeed.

    There service is way to expensive for the features you get, the customer dis-service is outrageous and they have less uptime than my little man!


    is not exchange
    is not compatible whit outlook 2010

  • Catherine W:

    I don’t want to be derrogatory, but unless you enjoy nightmares, look elsewhere

  • Susan Adams:

    Decent service. Support : hit or miss. You get what you pay for I guess.

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1&1 Microsoft Exchange

Designed to make things easier for you

Your meetings, tasks, contacts and InfoStore are instantly accessible
via the MailXchange interface. You can even import your e-mail
from an existing account or access e-mail via Outlook®.

  • Simple, easy-to-use drag & drop interface
  • All of your information in one place
  • Customizable start page
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